air compressor for cement and other bulk materials

HORI Wing 603 + electric motor 30 kW

The Hori Wing compressor can be driven by an electric motor – the combination called "electropack" Depends on the application "electropack", we choose suitable compressor Hori Wing and proper engine. In most cases we have used one of two types of engines 22 kW or 30 kW. Sets called "electropack" have many different applications. We always advis our customers on the best and most optimal solutions. 

           Example of use:





- silos unloading


- silo trailer unloading


- wagon tank unloading


- aeration of industrial system




HORI Wing Elektropack 30kW

The Wing Electropack 30kW was designed due to higher demand from the market for a long run energy saving solution. This system allows you to operate for many hours without any worry allowing to saving in fuel and energy. Compared to any screw compressor model you can save up to 50% energy. This electropack can be used in factories where initially would be used a high pressure screw compressor. Our solution helps customers save money by reducing pressure e.g. from 7,0 to 2,0 bar. In some production process their required pressure is only 1,5-2 bar while previous solutions offer excessive pressure up to 7,0 bar. 
With our Hori Wing Compressor Electropack 30KW you can save a lot of energy and money. Hori Wing compressor are easy to use and require a minimum of maintenance. 
Hori Wing compressor helps you to keep your service budged under control.

This solution can be adapted from simple cement unloading operations to high demand production processes in factories.
If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We will create a customised solution according to your demands.
When buying our air compressor for cement and other materials you always receive a wide range of benefits. 

Our compressors have a world wide reputation as the best compressor for cement and other bulk products. It is worth emphasising that our customers are always coming back to buy another Hori Wing products. 

To see a range of our competence please check our service site.

Attachments to unload ( pdf) : 
( air compressor for cement and other bulk materials and aeration for industrial system)


Electropack 30KW

cement compressor for truck


       Discharge Flow Rate      

    Power Consumption     


Hori Compressor Hori Power consumption temperature Hori Wing

air compressor for cement


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