Compression method used in all HORI Compressors gives unlimited possibilities of applications

Operating Principle


1. Discharge valve housing
2. C-D Discharge valve plate
3. Cylinder
4. Rotor
5. A-B Suction valve plate
6. Suction valve base

When the crankshaft is driven, the rotor (4) provides a rightward and leftward rocking motion in figure. With the rotor (4) being turned counterclockwise, the suction valve plate (A) is closed and the suction valve plate (B) is opened, the air being introduced into the cylinder (3) through t the suction valve plate (B). This results in the air in the cylinder (3) being compressed, which causes the discharge valve plate (C) to be opened, the air being discharged into the outlet pipe. During this process, the discharge valve plate (D) is kept closed. When the rotor (4) is turned clockwise, the respective valve plates make a reverse operation. Thus, each one revolution of the crankshaft provides suction and discharge two times.

Hori Engineering unique "wing" technology compressors can be used for pneumatic conveying on: dry bulk trailers, stationary silos, also helps in aeration during production process. Models are also available for pressure discharge of liquid chemicals and other products. Flow rates are available from 150m3/h to 900m3/h. Special water cooled models can operate with 8,0 Bar pressure.
The Wing Compressor uses a self-lubricating seal bar (which is equivalent to the piston ring in the reciprocating type compressor) in the sliding portion, thus being of completely oil-free type. 
No oil drops from the crankcase can get in the cylinder, being prevented by the oil seals. 

Wing technology is used to built Vacuum Pumps, a high vacuum is performed at an extremely low power consumption. 
Hori Wing compressors/ vacuum pumps can be use with such special gasses as nitrogen, helium, methane, hydrogen, and argon have also been manufactured.
Hori Engineering can offer compressor/ pumps solutions for use with a motor up to 220 kW. 
Hori Engineering has already delivered a number of biogas/digester gas pressure-up compressors. 

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