HORI WING Diesel Pak

(dry bulk compressor)

Compressor Hori Wing can be driven by Diesel engine- the combination called Diesel Pack. Depends on the application "Diesel Pack", we choose suitable compressor Hori Wing and proper motor. Diesel Pack have many applications, we always advise our customers on the best and most optimal solutions.

           Example of use Diesel Pack:





- silos unloading

- silo trailer unloading

- wagon tank unloading

- aeration of industrial system


HORI WING Electropack 30kW 

Depending on the requirements of the project appropriate components are selected to build the system. The system must be reliable and economically efficient. 
Currently most customers choose solutions based on our compressor Hori Hori Wing Wing 603 or 603 LR and the economic engine of 30kW. 
Diesel Pack is suitable for unloading dry bulk products such as: cement powder, fly ash, PVC powder, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate, feed, flour, rice, granulated sugar, glass powder, paint powder, urea, silica sand, soda lime, active carbon, coke powder, and carbon black.
This solution is suitable for many different options.

The Hori Wing Diesel Pack 30kW can also be used as a replacement for the elektropack. Hori Wing compressors are easy to use and require a minimum of maintenance. The diesel Pack will help you to keep your service budged under control.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer standard elektropack and create a customize solution according to your demands.
Each of our customers are treated individually . When buying our air compressor for cement and other materials you always receive a wide range of benefits. 

Our compressors have a worldwide reputation as the best compressor for cement and other bulk products. It is worth emphasising that our customers are always coming back to buy another Hori Wing product. 

To see a range of our competence please check our service site.

Attachments to unload ( pdf) :  
( dry bulk compressor for materials and aeration for industrial system)


Diesel Pack 30KW

ciesel pack compressor for cement


       Discharge Flow Rate      

    Power Consumption     


Hori Compressor Hori Power consumption temperature Hori Wing



dry bulk compressor

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