Liquid bulk compressor




* Input speed: 600 rpm – 1000 rpm 
* Flow at inlet: 70 m3/h- 200 m3/h
* Max Pressure – 2,5 bar
* Momentary pressure 3,0 bar (2,8 bar-relieve valve)
* Bi-Rotational
* Power consumption 2,0 bar – 8 KW
* Dimensions: 232x428x498
* Weight: 94 kg
* Noise level: 72 dB 
* Estimated life: 20 years


Hori Wing 151

Liquid bulk compressor for hazardous chemicals and others
Pressure up to 3 bar Vacuum up to 95% ! 

Suitable for: liquid foodstuff, solvents, acids, alkalis, hot bitumen resins and other chemicals.
Use for loading liquids with high vacuum and then unloading with high pressure.
If you tired of blasting carbon vanes at you rotary vane compressor we have the perfect solution for you.
This next generation product incorporates the original Japanese technology with advanced features allowing it to operate up to 3,0 bar pressure and 95% vacuum in a compact new design.
Use for loading liquids with high vacuum and then unloading with high pressure. Yes, this model can do that without any problems. Please contact us for more details. We are welcome to answer any of your questions. 

Hori Wing compressor helping you to keep your service budget under control. Hori Wing compressor are easy to use and require a minimum of maintenance. 
When buying this liquid bulk compressor you always receive a wide range of benefits. 

Our compressors have a world wide reputation as the best wing compressors for unloading tankers. It is worth  emphasising that our customers are always coming back to buy another Hori Wing product. To see a complete range of our possibilities please go to our service site. 

Attachments to unload (pdf) : 
( liquid bulk compressor ) 


Compressor HORI Wing 151

compressor for liquid bulk products


       Discharge Flow Rate      

    Power Consumption     


Hori Compressor Hori Power consumption temperature Hori Wing

liquid bulk compressor

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