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Hori Wing Compressors - check your benefits !!!


Untitled-12 Hori Wing Compressors are Oil Free 
Untitled-12 Pulsed air provides easier and faster unloading
Untitled-12 High quality of materials 
Untitled-12 Low power requirements = less fuel 
Untitled-12 Lower torque than screw compressors-results lower power consumption 
Untitled-12 Low noise 
Untitled-12 Low maintenance 
Untitled-12 Low input speed = long components life such as bearings, gears
Untitled-12 Low outlet temperature (500C lower than in most other compressors on the market) positive influence         on quality of transported materials.
Untitled-12 Hori Wing Compressors are designed for hard work 
Untitled-12 Special models are designed to operate many hours (Long Run version)
Untitled-12 Compressors can be driven by electric motor, diesel motor, hydraulic motor 
Untitled-12 For truck applications it can be driven directly from the (PTO), no belt system or multiplicators(gears). 
Untitled-12 Bi- rotation system as standard (left/right)
Untitled-12 HORI Wing Compressors are working from the arctic areas to subtropical zone 
Untitled-12 The design of the compressor allows easy maintenance and service,
Untitled-12 All components can be replaced individually in case of damage. 
Untitled-12 All parts- available 
Untitled-12 Standard warranty is 36 months 
Untitled-12 Possibility to extend the warranty. 
Untitled-12 Excellence valve quality/price 



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